Making 3D maps

Woodworking: a noble and durable material

GeoArt offers maps in Kohu (Merbau). This wood was chosen for its intrinsic qualities, suitable for making cards, and for its beauty. Other species are being tested, with the idea of working with local woods in the future.

The data used

GeoArt maps are faithful representations of reality. For aesthetic reasons the values in Z (altitude) can be exaggerated.

The different sources of the Digital Terrain Models used are:

• Cadastre-Topography Section of the Land Affairs Department (DAF) French Polynesia

• Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service of the Navy

• National Institute of Geographic and Forest Information

• U.S. Geological Survey

GeoArt thanks them and emphasizes the importance of having quality data, accessible to the general public.

Preparation of digital files

Collection, analysis and processing of geographical data, in order to obtain a 3D object and the route of the cutter.

CNC workshop and milling

Preparation of wooden parts, CNC machining and finishing.